Adventures in the Little Red Trailer (2017-2021) Canine Comforts

Photo montage: family time and Katie at the beach

Where’s the piece with the bit of sign and the pumpkin top?
Making Cheese: the curds are slow to form.  Colin got an eye scratch and so works by feel for the evening to give them a rest.
On the marina breakfront
Day trip to Ventura.  Lunch near the water, an NP passport stamp for the Channel Islands, and silly hats at the marina shops.


Katie’s first beach.  She’s not thrilled by all that crashing water, but loves the smells.
Working up an appetite for moûles frites: outside Stella Maré’s, near the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary
Mom makes the best zucchini bread.  We ate it on Mothers’ Day.  Thank you, Mom!
Katie chills in the shade with a chewy.

2 comments on “Photo montage: family time and Katie at the beach

  1. Looks like an amazing adventure thus far! Love to see you guys in silly hats and on see saws – that’s living on the edge people! Keep up the wonderful adventures – be safe. Gianna


    • Hi, Gianna!

      So many of the places we went reminded me of our awesome summer camping and hiking with you and Annette and the kids! We are back now after 8000 miles of travel, but if you’re still reading and want to stay with us on the blog, we’ll bring you home to Colorado. Meanwhile, let’s make plans to camp!



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