The Travelers…

Welcome to our home on the road!


In the late spring and early summer of 2017, we were three nomads – two of us on sabbatical, and one just looking for a good napping spot in the sun.  We traveled the western United States (and a bit of Canada, too), eating s’mores, hiking with our dog Katie, and waking up in our state parks and national forests.  We’d bought a little custom-built travel trailer and fixed it up in fine, fun style – this little red trailer, whom we named Rocinante, was our home away from home.  This blog began as a chronicle of our journey.

After 8,000 miles and three months, we returned to Denver. There’s much to be said for a good career, a concrete foundation, a bathroom.

But the road keeps calling, and in weekends and weeks slipped between the events of an engaging life, we’ve logged over five months in Rocinante.  Blog postings detail desert nights in Joshua Tree, dolphins in California, and a rattler on Route 66.

It’s 2022 and we’re back on the road again for a while.  A museum educator, a chef, a sweet scruffy pup, and a home with the footprint of a queen size bed.  A tiny galley kitchen and the biggest open-sky, ocean-view/ mountain-view living room you can imagine.

We still miss access to wifi way more than having a bathroom, but when we can get it (wifi, that is), we blog – and invite you to join us.  Bring your daypack, your s’mores stick, and your nomadic spirit. Pack up your guitar, your humor and flexibility, and a love of wide open spaces, and roll with us.

Nomads in a Little Red Trailer is about how we make this nomads’ journey happen. You can click “Follow us on the road” (find it on the side bar, or scroll down) to get an email when (and only when 🙂 ) I post. Read on, and thanks for coming along for the ride!


Flossing By Moonlight: An Ode To Rocinante/EBB’s 43rd Sonnet

It’s a hiatus from the norm, but it’s still living. There’s still cooking and cleaning, brushing teeth and doing laundry, making the bed and feeding the dog. We do all the same things (well, most of them) just a little differently. It’s a little like poetry. How do I love and live in thee? Let…

Cliff Dwellings, Stone Trees, and Cabernet

It’s time for a little luxury. A bona fide booked campsite (with shower) for two nights at one of our favorites, Homolovi State Park – and a decadent dinner in the Turquoise Room at La Posada Inn. Look around, my lord, for that flatbed Ford… we’re now in Winslow, Arizona. Over sweetcorn tamales, lamb free-range…

Led through the Desert: White Sands National Park

We’ve left south-central NM just in time, our friend says, to miss the fires. They are a scary annual reality in these dry western states and we pause to wish safety for those caught up in it, from friends protecting farms and houses to the wildlife that must also flee when their homes are in…