The Travelers…

Welcome to our home on the road!


In the late spring and early summer of 2017, we were three nomads – two of us on sabbatical, and one just looking for a good napping spot in the sun.  For those three months we travelled the western United States (and a bit of Canada, too), eating s’mores, hiking with our dog Katie, and waking up in our state parks and national forests.  We’d bought a little custom-built travel trailer and fixed it up in fine, fun style – this little red trailer, whom we named Rocinante, was our home away from home.
IMG_6878 copy

What is it like to live in a space the size of a queen-sized bed, with a tiny galley kitchen and the biggest open-sky, ocean-view/ mountain-view living room you can imagine?  What happens when a museum educator and a chef make the leap, taking a mid-career break and leaving home behind to travel the road awhile?  What about the dog?

As it turns out, we missed access to wifi way more than having a bathroom.  When we could get it (wifi, that is), we blogged, and when we couldn’t, we stored up memories and tips and captured views on our iPhones. Even though we’re now – spoiler alert here – back home in Denver living “normal” lives, we are still virtually (and frequently actually) on the road, sharing our adventures happily relived through our notes, brochures, and photographs.  To all who enjoyed following us real-time, and all who still enjoy the journey as we continue to post… Thank you!

Nomads in a Little Red Trailer is about how we made this nomads’ journey happen.  Read on, and thanks for coming along for the ride!