Adventures in the Little Red Trailer (2017-2021)

{Spoiler alert: we made it…}

~ Time warp alert: September 2017 ~

I remember, years ago, reading the blog of a dear friend and colleague, Jim Downing.  He was an eclipse chaser extraordinaire whose lunar longings had taken him to the far reaches of the globe: Galapagos Islands, Finland, Mexico.  These were early days for travel blogging, but he was a writer and write he did.  When in 2008 he bounced his way through Mongolia (“Off-roading in the Gobi Desert… that was a rough trip“), and sailed the warm waters of Tahiti (“It must be a thirst for adventure that makes a man go to sea“), his friends – I amongst them – eagerly awaited his digital ponderings.

I remember my distinct confusion one day, though, when he was reportedly far out to sea, yet Monday morning there he was, sat across from me in our shared office.  “But, you’re in the South Pacific!” I exclaimed, though clearly he was not.

And so it is with us.  We made it home.  But don’t despair, dear readers!  Intrepid armchair partners to our adventures, stay with us!  I will bring you home…

(And a nod to my English home buddies – like BritRail, We’ll Get You There… eventually!)

“Eight days on a small sailboat with nine other people was quite an adventure. I had no time during the trip to file reports, so here’s the story in retrospect….”

– Jim Downing, South Seas Adventure Blog


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