April-July, 2017

April 13 – Packed up at last, and headed out.  The journey has begun!

April 13 – 14 – Spent in the mountains up above Walsenberg, with a view of the Spanish Peaks and the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range.

April 15 – 16 – Sand Dunes National Park and Colorado Gaters Reptile Park

April 17-22 – Corral the horses, then – we’re in Grand Junction, CO, to stay with family for a few days.  Time to resort, par down, and hang with parents.

April 23-24 – West to Utah: Fisher Towers, Moab, Arches National Park, and nights in the LaSalle Forest

April 25-26 – Hanksville to Captal Reef National Park, and a chilly night high on Boulder Mountain

April 27-28 – Exploring Capital Reef National Park

April 28 – Shower, laundry, fresh bread, and a regroup in Escalante, Utah

April 29 – Hiking the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon and a night at the campgrounds to stop and see the stars

April 30 – May 1 – Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Zion National Park

May 1-2 – Interstate 15, Las Vegas, hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Joshua Tree

May 3-11 Santa Barbara, the “Moss Resort Campgrounds” – family time with Jennifer’s parents.

May 12 – Ojai

May 13-15 – Carrizo National Monument

May 16 – Isabella Lake

May 17-18 – Highway 395: Alabama Hills, Manzanar National Historic Site, Chinese food at Lone Pine, fishing at Convict Lake

May 19-21 – hanging out with my cousin in San Andreas

May 22 – fishing and swimming at Lake Berryessa

May 23-25 San Fransisco with college buddy Jaymz

Memorial Day Weekend – holed up in the National Forest north of SF, near Beryessa

May 29 – Lassen Volcanic National Park

May 31-June 1 Humboldt National Park and the redwoods along the Lost Coast, Mystery of the Trees gondola

June 2 – Oregon! Cape Blanco/Oregon State Park

June 3-5 Oregon’s southern coast: cheese at Bandon, bike rides to seal spotting and lighthouses, nights at Sunset Bay/Oregon State Park and the Three Rivers Casino

June 6 – scenic byway east

June 7-8 – John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

June 9-10 Columbia River and hanging out in Hood River.  A night between the creek and the tracks at Viento/Oregon State Park

June 11 – into Washington!  A night at Desolation Niche Rest Stop near Cape Disappointment (they really need a marketing team…) overlooking the Columbia River