On the Road Again (2022)

Dog Food Al Fresco

It’s dinner time for Katie. We’re on an unpaved road a little off highway I-25 near Pueblo, Colorado, and I’ve given her a stuffed rubber toy. She rolls it around the gravel, licking out the contents – turkey bits, soaked dog food, pureed pumpkin. Had it been yesterday, she’d have be inside our city home in Denver, making the most of a sunny window spot to eat her treat.

Today we’re on the road again in the Little Red Trailer, the start of our 2022 sabbatical. She doesn’t know that this is just the first of many meals al fresco, reenergizing after a day of running bikeside along a reservoir dam in New Mexico, hiking prickly deserts in Arizona, sniffing lizards in California. All she knows is how to taste the marrow of this delicious moment, to lap it up with gusto. I take in the happy sight of her, and vow to do the same.

A Sharpie Marks the Spot – where are we right now?

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