Lakeside Fishing Dinner


  • One lake, suitable for one person to fish while the other person relaxes
  • 2-4 excellent local cheeses, chef’s choice*
  • One baguette, freshly baked
  • One bully stick or jerky-filled chew toy 

*Some excellent cheeses for consideration, available at Sutter Creek Cheese Shop near Jackson, CA:

  • Cypress Grove Herbs de Hombolt chèvre
  • Black Diamond Canadian Cheddar (matured 5 years)
  • Meredith Dairy Sheep and Goat milk feta, marinated in olive oil
  • Epoissier



Arrive at the lake late enough in the evening that everyone else has gone home, and only the frog calls fill the marina. Find a suitable location, a pier is ideal.

Complete your mis en place – set up chairs, and bring all ingredients to a table set near them, closer to the relaxer (who will definitely be eating more; the fisher is distracted by fishing).

Slice bread into convenient small toasts, and set up cheese plate. Give the dog the bully stick or chew toy. Serve self and fisher.

Consider leaving room for trout, bass, or other lake fish which might come on the line, but do not spend too much time in preparation for this possibility. After all, there’s a reason it’s called fishing, not catching.



1 comment on “Lakeside Fishing Dinner

  1. Bonny Goetz

    Jennifer, only you can make every meal look like a Pinterest photo


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