• 4 tamales, bought from abuela herself, after meeting her granddaughter Maxine in the grocery store parking lot (buy 8 and eat half for lunch while warm; refridgerate remainder for this recipe)
  • Bag of tortilla chips
  • Greek yoghurt (because really, why would anyone use sour cream anymore when there is yummy yummy greek yughurt that is low fat and full of probiotics?)
  • Salsas – one for him and one for her, because any good marriage has to have some serious differences of opinion (we have plenty; choice of salsa is just one of them)
  • Dehydrated refried beans bought in bulk at Whole Foods, reconstituted with hot water
  • Free roaming chicken eggs
  • Mexican hot chocolate mix, of a new and trans-fat-free kind never seen before, found in some random back-woods small grocery store along the way.



Wake to a lovely spring morning in the woods. Start a campfire and boil water, some to be used for the beans, the remainder for the Mexican hot chocolate.

Heat foil-wrapped tamales over the campfire until the are steaming-toasty as they were when you first got them.  Use campfire sauté pan to scramble eggs with some chili pepper and other appropriate seasonings from a well-stocked spice box which you naturally have while camping.

Spread tortilla chips on a plate and top with beans, eggs, and salsa.  Serve with tamales and Mexican hot chocolate, on a table set inside the net-sided shelter.  Enjoy with a clear, mosquito-less view of the woods as you plan your adventurous day ahead.



Katie, sous-chef


2 comments on “Mexican Breakfast in the Woods

  1. Bonny Goetz

    Thank you, happy family there. Lunch sounds delicious


  2. Pat Eirish

    So enjoyed your visit to the Pacific Northwest. What a delightful, fun-loving couple. Please come again.


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