Following the great geological grandeur of Utah, what could be better than crossing the Mojave Desert for lunch?

Getting There

IMG_4206Hop in your car and point yourselves toward Las Vegas.  By whatever means you may (driver’s choice), head south so that you pass through, or along, the edge of the Mojave Desert.  If you miss it by a bit, don’t worry, you’ll roast anyway.  When you get to Joshua Tree National Park, hang a right on Route 62.  Pass through the delightfully named town of Twentynine Palms, and keep going. When you get near to the northwest corner of Joshua Tree, pay attention.  Along the road you’ll see a red-with-white-stripes, western-movie-meets-the-’50s, building with a sign: Country Kitchen Home Cook’n.  Park the car.  You’ve arrived at the home of the best Cambodian noodles west of the Midwest.

On the Menu

When you get inside, you’ll see the on wall behind the counter is a blackboard menu with all the cowboy breakfast you could want – eggs, waffles, biscuits with gravy, coffee, all such whatnot.  Forget it.  Keep going toward the back to a tall, glass-front refridgerator holding milk and creamer.  Taped on the doors will be a hand-scrawled menu with traditional Cambodian noodle dishes.  Wonder, salivate, and pick. Once you’ve given your order for peanut noodle salad with tofu, look to the left for another hand-scrawled menu, this one with shakes and malts.  Pass up the strawberry and the green tea options, and order the Oreo Cookie milkshake.  As you wait for your noodles to be freshly prepared, let the best shake you’ve ever tasted cool you down like water in the desert.


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