• Bag of celery sticks, any will do, but the ones packed up your kind mother-in-law before departure are best.
  • Peanut butter – the natural kind, so either hard as a rock from the fridge, or completely liquid from being on the shelf, chef’s choice.
  • Tangerines
  • Banana dog cookies


Start with a hike through Utah’s canyonlands, or any equivalent landscape, to build up an appetite.

Find a spot to rest, being careful not to disturb any tiny plants or lichens, which already work very hard for their living.

Take out the celery and peanut butter for a classic dipping snack. If you find you’ve left the celery sticks in the car, never mind, just eat the peanut butter accompanied by tangerines. Give dog cookies to the dog. Serve with a stunning view.

Serve with a stunning view.  View du jour: Fisher Towers near Moab, Utah

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