• Four breasts of humane-raised duck, sealed and slowly defrosted in extra cooler over several days because you brought so much food you can’t eat it fast enough
  • One mango, bought at Whole Foods before departure and quite ripe by now
  • One dollop of sauce from trailer fridge – sweet, but otherwise cook’s/camper’s choice
  • Half an onion, sliced
  • Selection of seasonings from mini-sampler stocked from Colorado’s own Savory Spice Shop
  • Spinach salad greens with sliced tomatoes and homemade dressing, cook’s/camper’s/diner’s choice
  • One Curicanti/Blue Mesa lakeside view on a sunny day



Sauté duck on Coleman camp stove along with onions; use only light oil, as once the temperature rises, the lovely duck fat will fill in the rest.  Sauté at high temperature until you’ve observed the view sufficiently and suddenly need to move the spitting duck to the picnic table until chef/husband returns from tour of the grounds for recycling and use of luxurious vault toilet.  Return duck to heat while preparing salad.  Slice duck over salad and serve immediately at nearby picnic table, with a generous helping warm weather and awe of scenery, and sprinkled with a touch of smugness at eating duck mid-day while camping (optional).




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